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New ResolveDNA & ResolveOME Kits Now Shipping

BioSkryb Genomics is proud to announce our newest product offerings, the ResolveDNA® Whole Genome Single-Cell Core Kit and the ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Single-Cell Core Kit are now shipping.


ResolveDNA Whole Genome Core Kit

ResolveDNA Core Kit Brochure ThumbnailThe ResolveDNA Whole Genome Single-Cell Core Kit combines the power of primary template-directed amplification (PTA) with library preparation and adapter ligation to provide a convenient, scalable, and streamlined workflow, while maintaining the industry-leading whole genome amplification performance first described by Gonzalez Pena et al. Additional details on this new product, including performance specifications can be found in the product brochure.

  • Capture 97% of the genome
  • Analyze co-occurring SNV, CNV, and SV
  • Resolve clonal architectures with unprecedented resolution

ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Core Kit

ResolveOME Core Kit Brochure ThumbnailThe ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Single-Cell Core Kit couples our best-in-class whole genome amplification PTA chemistry with an industry-leading whole transcriptome assay. The core kit features an eight-hour workflow, including all the reagents needed to take you from cells to sequencing-ready libraries. Additional details, including performance specifications can be found in the product brochure.

  • Integrate DNA+RNA data from every cell
  • Study impact of variants on gene expression
  • Generate libraries from single cells in under 8 hours


Leveraging single-cell whole genome sequencing to identify CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing on- and off-target events

Bioinformatics analysis and data visualization included through BaseJumper® bioinformatics platform. From CNV calling to differential gene expression, leverage our cloud-based analysis platform to move from data to insights.

  • RNA/DNA pre-designed analysis workflows
  • Quality control (QC) tools
  • Dynamic data filtering
  • Suite of visualization apps to generate publication-quality figures
  • Self-service or fee-for-service bioinformatics available

Want to move beyond the genome? BioSkryb offers additional multiomic solutions, including exome enrichment and DNA panels through custom service projects via ResolveServices.

We invite you to reach out to BioSkryb and learn more about how we can support your single-cell research with our newest portfolio of products.

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